Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Day Before Vacation

It's funny how much a person CAN get done in one day. Not just any day, though...the day before vacation. I wake up earlier, start marking things off my list from the very beginning. Laundry, started. Bed, made. Must get going. There's a sense of urgency. The wheel is turning and it cannot be stopped. All day I'm scratching away at my mental list of chores, the ones that will get me closer to heading out, away. Besides those chores I'm working ahead, accomplishing the things I'm obligated to for the whole time I'll be on vacation. Bills, paid. Emails, sent. Jobs, delegated.

I'm usually pretty organized, but on this day, I'm just plain effective. I use my time much wiser when my energy is all focused on one thing...vacation.

Thursday I leave for a much-anticipated 10 day trip to Europe with my friend, Sue Anderson. We'll travel to Detroit, then Amsterdam, tour for 2 days, then get on the SS Antoinette for a Rhine River cruise. Each day we'll stop at castles and tour vineyards and villages in Germany, then France, and 7 days later, wind up in Switzerland.

Of course I'm effective with a trip of a lifetime to motivate me.

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