Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Power Claps

In my classroom we give power claps.

That's two loud, cheerleader style claps...all hands in the classroom at the same time.

You pretty much have done something super remarkable to get power claps.

Maybe you made a 100 on a test.
Or you completed your paper with the most GORGEOUS handwriting.

It could even have been that the whole class earned two power claps for something spectacular we did, like lining up quietly or receiving a compliment from another teacher or adult. In that case we give ourselves power claps, sort of like a pat on the back.

We should recognize effort and applaud it, right?

Sometimes I give myself power claps.

Two power claps for remembering to clock in this morning.
Two power claps for leaving school before 5:00 this evening.
Two power claps for the awesome way I finished that load of laundry.

You deserve some power claps today. Consider your efforts recognized and applauded, Friends.


  1. Hi Tracey.
    I'm Jessica and I live in the UK. I've only been teaching Year 3 (8 year olds) for 12 months (I'm only 22)but during my final teaching practice as a student I was taught how to control a class using voice control and a loud clap. I learned how to cup my hands in a way which makes a really loud sound without too much effort. I find that 3 or 4 "super loud" claps can stun any class into silence. It's proving to be a great weapon in my "classroom control" arsenal!

  2. Thanks for writing, Jessica. I enjoy clapping rhythms to my class in order to get their attention. XX XXX, then they repeat. Or just XXXXXXX and they listen and repeat. They're so busy clapping and listening they quiet down and watch me. Exact results I was looking for! Keep clapping and teaching and loving kids.

  3. Thanks so much for replying Tracy. You sound like a really inspirational teacher...one that I hope I will become in a few years. I will try your rhythm clapping and see if it has the same effect on my kids.
    One clapping song the children love is the "fat sausages" song...where you start with "10 fat sausages sizzling in a pan, one went pop (finger snap)and one went bang" (sharp clap) and you hold up the correct number of fingers (and get the kids to do the same). I love to end on a flourish with "there were NO fat sausages sizzling in the pan, all of a sudden the pan went.....BANG" (massive loud clap with cupped hands). This really grabs their attention and has been known to rattle the windows hahaha.
    Thanks again Tracy and I certainly keep loving those little darlings...even when they ar sometimes a pain!



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