Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Building Scrappy and His Friends

How I loved spending time digging through buckets of junk at the shop to create our new, old friend Scrappy.  And his cousins. Every piece that went into our friends was stuff we had on hand. Old spools for the carrot noses. Vintage burlap webbing for scarves. Buttons made from who knows what. Two old pipes and five we crafted from stuff we had laying around. Even the fencing.

License plates. Gear shift knobs. Cheese graters. Hinges. Keys. A whistle. A whisk broom. Glass knob.

Oh what fun.


  1. They turned out even better than I imagined, and I had high expectations.

  2. Oh thanks, Brie. I like 'em too. I posted them on Vaughn's Cabinets blog also, with more details and photos.

  3. All of Scrappy's friends are sold and in happy homes. We'll create more next year.

  4. Amy, I'm glad you love the snowmen. Are you a junker too? (I gotta ask!)

  5. I love the junk snowmen, Tracey! Thanks for linking up at WhisperWood Cottage!! Your feature post is up. Please grab a feature button for your sidebar if you would like one! :)


  6. Thanks for featuring Scrappy on your blog, WhisperWood Cottage. I love your site. Happy Junkin'!

  7. I LOVE these. How much do you see them for? Are you taking orders for next year?
    Thanks for posting.

  8. The large snowmen sell for $65 each. We are dressing some this week! Check out Vaughn's Cabinets website for more information about how to contact us.

    1. Tracey, will you making any this year? If so, do you ship out of state?

  9. We have some snowmen, but we aren't really prepared to ship such large items. Where are you located?

  10. Hi Tracey,
    The snowmen look pretty big! How big are they please?


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