Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Anticipating School

I have already had one of those back-to-school dreams. The I'm feeling unprepared nightmare. 

Sometimes in my back-to-school dreams,  I'm trying and trying to get to school on time, but wind up there without my clothes on. Other times I can't find my things in my classroom. I've had lots of these kinds of dreams throughout my teaching career, but the week before school is usually when they flair up big time.

Last week I had a dream I was teaching kindergarten (which I never have), and I had 34 students. No matter what trick I pulled out of my teacher skill bag, nothing worked to settle them down. I'd think of a fun way to get their attention and try it, just to have them roll their eyes at me (imagine) and continue on with their unruly selves. I woke up feeling worn out and totally freaked out.

So the dreams have begun, even in early July.

Next year our social studies standards are changing, so I brought home some curriculum to review. I'm pretty excited about teaching Oklahoma history to 3rd graders. Not a whole lot of time, but some, has been given to thinking and studying new things to teach. 

Many people think summer is one giant vacation for teachers, but let me tell ya, no matter how hard I try to stop thinking about school, ideas float in and out of my mind the whole time I'm off. Pinterest is totally contributing to this, Friends. I'll just be minding my own business, looking at recipes and home decorating ideas and wham, someone has pinned a great idea for getting kids to put their names on their papers. (Anything to manage kids, I'm a sucker for!) Before I know it, I click on it, search out the original posting (and maybe 4-5 other posts from that blogger), and there I go again, consumed in school and better ways to do this thing I do.

I'm looking forward to another school year, but this tired teacher needs her sleep. Sweet dreams, please. No more back-to-school nightmares.

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