Thursday, July 26, 2012

Day 1: Amsterdam to Basel on the SS Antoinette

It was the trip of this girl's lifetime.

Up until the day my bosom buddy, Sue, and I left, it had been only a dream, but beginning on July 12th, it became very real (although I kept pinching myself throughout).

My son Parker took us to the airport in Oklahoma City. He knows a lot about airports, especially Will Rogers World Airport, so when he decided to pull in the parking garage and find a spot, Sue mentioned to him that there was an easier way. She suggested he could have parked up at the top (where we usually park, actually). I was confused by his parking in the garage too, but later we both realized what he was trying to do, or not do.

You see, BrieAnn and the little grandgirls were trying desperately to get to the airport to surprise us as we left and Parker was concerned the surprise would be spoiled if he parked on top and BrieAnn did too.

Two darling little granddaughters came up with their ever-so-thoughtful mama, carrying a glittered over-the-top cute banner that read "Bon Voyage Gram & Sue!" We snapped a couple of pictures and did some kissing and hugging, then went on our way. What a blessed way to begin our trip.

Is this not the cutest thing? Magnolia was still sleepy from her afternoon nap, but Cora was pumped about the surprise.

Looking back at my waving family, I couldn't help but think I was the luckiest girl in the world. Such love.

Our flight from OKC took off a little late, so we narrowly made our connection in Detroit (1 minute to board). That was too close! No restroom break even! We were served a big meal (10:00 p.m. by now) and attempted to sleep while flying. So many people around us were totally zonked. We decided they must have been medicated.

I tried not to let the turbulence over the ocean and the fact that it was Friday the 13th by now get to me. We landed around 11:30 a.m. (their time...7 hours ahead of Oklahoma time) and headed through customs. The guy at the desk asked us why we were in Amsterdam...we told him a river cruise...he said to have a good time. That was all of the interrogation Amsterdam could muster, I guess. I had heard Amsterdam was a pretty do-whatever-you-like place and so far it was proving to be just that.

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