Saturday, November 5, 2011

Glen Campbell

I seldom get home from school in time to watch television in the afternoons.

I used to consider it such a treat to watch Oprah once and awhile. All too often it would be an episode where she was interviewing celebrities. Not my favorite type of Oprah.

So this week I got home early enough to watch something.

And Ellen it was! Even if it was just about 20 minutes of it.

I so enjoyed watching Ellen talking with Glen Campbell (not technically a celebrity...more of an artist) and his wife. I didn't realize he has alzheimer's. He sang a song I don't recall hearing before. Made me cry.


  1. First and foremost I'm downloading this song. Second: love the new background! Thanks for sharing! I'm way behind on my vlogs...been crazy lately, hu? xoxo

  2. I am glad you love the song too, Parker. I was especially touched by it because of the impact he's made on my life of music.


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