Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Barn Sale Bliss

Mom and I got up early Saturday morning and went to Shawnee for the best barn sale ever. We were there by 7:45 for the 8:00 opening of the big gate, which was draped in bunting made from vintage linens. It was chilly that morning, and a fire was burning in a pit by the barn. Ladies were gathering at the gate, chatting and shivering because of the temperature, but partly due to giddy anticipation of what was to come when the clock struck 8.

I don't know how many annual barn sales there have been at the home and barn of Faith Buss, but this was my second time to go. Last year Vaughn and I were traveling to Shawnee in the afternoon and just happened upon it. I was immediately smitten with the items she was selling, some homemade, some vintage. So my style. The barn looked like a Country Living Fair or something. I started following Faith's blog and found out about the date of this year's barn sale there.

Check her out. She's CUTE.

There were things inside and out of the barn. As Mom and I stood at the gate, we made a plan. When the big gate opened, she would go inside the barn and I would head for the tables outside.

Before I knew it, I had a giant armload of goodies from the tables outside.

My favorite pick: a Pretty Maid vintage child's stove...RED and WHITE! And complete with metal pans and pots. I. love. this.

Just look in that drop-down door...more cute little metal pots and pans.

A very 60's or 70's daisy tray. It has short legs so I'm thinking it's just right for the grandgirls to sit under and snack while watching a movie. Oh yes, they used to call them TV TRAYS.

This tissue box. Oh dear, it's cute, huh?

I am so pleased with my new tiered dish, made from repurposed pie pans and bottles. The top tier is a part from an old percolator, I think.

Red apron with kissing couple on it.

Apple and cherry art. These were .50 each.

A green wooden box with a neat latch. I'll use this to stack stuff on, probably.

I got a couple more items but I so quickly put them in their places once back home, I can't remember what they are right now.

I know THIS. The barn sale was a perfect way to spend a fall morning. I have some new inspiration along with my vintage finds.

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