Friday, August 5, 2011

Junk Magnets

Okay. You've heard of guys who were CHICK MAGNETS. Hello Richard Gere.

But have you heard of JUNK MAGNETS? I guess I could be considered a junk magnet sometimes. I seem to be attracted to it, that's for sure.

An old watch face, a game piece and a child's toy (slightly chewed on in a previous life).
License plate B and 5 and an old clip earbob. Of course! The tray was 50 cents at a garage sale!

But this time I'm not talking about my desire for more junk. Last week I made magnets with all sorts of junk I had just hanging around. Imagine that.

A Scrabble tile, a game piece and a funky earbob.
 These JUNK MAGNETS will be used in my classroom to display remarkable work, post important papers like the spectacular Moss Elementary menu (I cannot wait to smell...and sample...Cheryl's yummy cinnamon rolls every Friday and other scrumptious food I've heard about), and let's face it, my junk magnets will be used just for plain ol' cuteness sake too.

I'm getting excited.


  1. I need to make some magnets like that...I love the license plate ones...cute! :) And HELLO Richard Gere...I'm just hoping that this salt & pepper shenanigans I have will just propel me into looking like him...

  2. Where did you get the magnets that are on the back of the scrabble T? I've been looking for some like that. And I can't wait to see all the wonderful work those magnets will hold.

  3. Parker - he does share the salt and pepper shenanigans - all pulls it off excellently, as do YOU.

    Brie - the round magnets came from Home Depot. I have more if you need some. We can hook you up. Glad you like them.

    They're just fun, huh?


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