Monday, August 8, 2011

The Relatives Came

One of my favorite books to read to a class is this one.

In the story all kinds of family come to stay in a modest home, filling it to the brim with people who sleep on pallets, who are enjoying eating and laughing and being together.

A particularly great line says it's hard to sleep with all that new breathing in the house.

Love that part.

This weekend we were blessed to have the relatives come: Vaughn's cousin, Steve Verstrat, his wife, Janis, daughter, Brittney and friend, Paige.

It was a house full, especially since Jake and BrieAnn and Cora and Magnolia were visiting too. But it was how it should be. Family shouldn't stay in a hotel unless it's absolutely necessary. And it wasn't.

We spent most of the day inside since it was around 110 that day, but we laughed and talked and got reacquainted. And that was cool.

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