Thursday, July 21, 2011

How to Enjoy a Hot Day in July

We spent a wonderful Sunday with Cora last weekend at the Jasmine Moran Childrens Museum in Seminole.  It's the perfect place to play on a hot summer day!

A huge version of Lite-Brite.  I loved this activity as a kid. She did too.

Cora and her friend bicycled together.

A fire truck!

Before we got to the museum I had told her about this activity. She was pretty excited to see how you could get inside a bubble.

A "pretty scary" slide required major skills (which she mastered).


Cora loved working at Homeland. She told me (the customer) to have a nice day.

"Tell me the numbers, Gram, and I will push them in."

Such fun.

She chose only healthy foods. I had some junk food in my cart.

The sand was a big hit. She would have stayed there all day.

I loved it too. The sand was COLD.
We had fun freezing our shadows.
We didn't do any of the activities outside. It was 105 or something like that. The plan is we'll go back in the fall and venture outside to ride the train.

What a great day with Cora.

Magnolia's growing and is almost ready for a maiden voyage to Gram and Offey's without her mama. Can't wait to have both the girls for a weekend soon.

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