Monday, July 18, 2011

A Few Things that Blew Me Away This Week

*This. Blew. Me. Away. Can't wait till it's planted with something lovely (and super drought resistant). 

*Parker came home for a couple of days and while he was here the family got together for Katy's birthday party so I got a family fix. I also enjoyed another day of just hanging out with Parker here at the house. He blew us away with a slide show of his world traveling this summer. What a neat experience for him (and all of us who followed it on his blog).

*This dreadful heat blew me away. We got back from mild, milk and honey Colorado Friday, a 108 degree Oklahoma day. All the extra red blood cells our bodies built up for the altitude (and often provide added energy for a day or two after we get home) have long since split the scene.

*Preparing for a garage sale in this dreadful heat and with so many fewer red blood cells. That blew me away.  But boy was I a happy girl when the closets were all cleaned out and the old stuff all disappeared (plenty of hangers now) AND I managed to make some fun money!

*This hibiscus blew me away this week. I love these saucer-sized flowers like crazy. Vaughn's mom grows them like they're going out of style. I'm going to transplant a small white one to my front yard for next year. Hibiscus loves me and I love Hibiscus.

What's blowing you away these days?

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  1. I loved having family time! :) Miss you as always...xoxo


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