Tuesday, March 8, 2011


Years ago when I first started selling Mary Kay, a very positive director helped me by setting up my password for an email account. She suggested I use a word like SUCCESS or FLOURISH or even WELL2DO.

One of my passwords at school used to be WAGON. Why did I pick such a dumb word for my password? Is there some kind of underlying meaning to why I chose that word? I mean, did I have some kind of traumatic experience with a wagon once? Probably not. More than likely I just chose a random word for nothing more than randomness sake.

This week I'm finishing reading The Happiness Project. Gretchen Rubin also suggests creating passwords that are resolutions, dreams, loves.

Instead of typing in abc123 every time you open your email, or something about that boring or codes that are difficult to memorize, why not change your password and type in BEAUTIFUL if you're struggling with self-image, or STRONG if you're feeling weak?

HEALTHY...AMBITIOUS...EDUCATED...positive words for positive feelings.

We need more of those in our lives.

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