Monday, March 7, 2011

Hanky Charm

I don't do anything fancy with mine. But oh, let me tell you. I love 'em.

I always carry one in my purse, ready on demand, to wipe a drippity nose or a tear.

They've been gathered slowly. Some from Mom. A few from friends. One or two Valentine ones from ebay.

But just check out these ideas I've ran across lately.

Hey Mom. Let's make one of these buntings for my summertime porch.

Oh. And just look at this adorable dress made from vintage handkerchiefs.

I also LOVE the idea of framing hankies. It's the story I love.

What about this runner? I've been seeing this idea a lot and think I need to see even more of fact, in real life! MOM? Can you help me out here?

Note to self: look for even MORE vintage hankies at some bound-to-happen-soon garage sales and junkin' trips.

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