Friday, March 11, 2011

Spring Break 2011

Of course I'm excited. We're out of school for a week for goodness sake.

But what ELSE does Spring Break mean (to me, anyway)?

Well, it means...

Skirt weather is coming. I love skirts. I've told you that before.

Forsythia is blooming. Jonquils too. Oh, and Flowering Almond is on it's way. Ahhh...

I'll be painting Easter egg yard decorations to sell at the shop. 

Time for bunnies to make their appearance in my house and in my front yard.

Spring Break means...Just 9 weeks left in this school year.

I'm tired, for Pete's sake.

Spring cleaning. Pine Sol and me. (And I need Creative Me to show up. She's missing.)

I like my just-recently-acquired Granny Chic goose.

(I'll find a great place for her to hang out in this springtime house. Grandmother made her.)

Ideas for yard work. I said IDEAS. That's all right now. I worry my dog is still too young. But we might try it anyway.

Longer days.

Dreams of summer.

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