Thursday, February 3, 2011

What I Liked To Do When I Was Ten

This book is making me think.

Gretchen Ruben suggests if I want to know what will bring happiness to my 46 year old days, I should think back to my 10 year old days. She says I should think about what I liked to do when I was 10.

It's called "self-knowledge". To know myself. What do I find fun? What is my passion?

Let's see.

At ten. Hmmmm. I remember liking kickball, but maybe that was because certain 5th grade boys thought I as good at it.  I definitely don't think kickball would be fun for me at this point. No hidden desires here for kickball.

Moving on. I remember enjoying compliments about my handwriting and taking great pride in that. Oh, and I made lists. List after list after list. What I'd wear to camp each day...things to do for the week, what homework I needed for school each day. I enjoyed drawing and doodling too. But above all, I liked writing in a diary, keeping track of my days.

So now I've found it. The thing I have a passion for is what I did with me at 10 and continue to do with me at 46. Instead of keeping a diary with a little lock and key, these days I blog at Whimsical Cottage ( I enjoy writing about my journey through life, sharing my ordinary days and my extraordinary days.

I like the idea that I've kept a record of what happened, what was important to me, how I chose to handle a situation, what we felt like, how we looked. There are things to be learned from the recording of history, of thoughts, of happenings. And since it's FUN, why not?


  1. How do you even remember what you liked when you were 10? B/c for me...all I can distinguish is - Me "then." and me "now."


    I like your entry though. It's true...we're a lot more honest with ourselves when we're kids, hu?

  2. Let's are almost 23. I am 46. YOU should be able to do this much easier than me, Parker. I understand what you're saying, though. The younger you and the now you are intertwined pretty tightly. I like the idea of separating the two just for a bit in order to peek inside the mind of that 10 year old.


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