Saturday, February 5, 2011

So Outta Here

This photo was taken early Tuesday. When the snow first started falling I was pretty excited. I loved being home from school, all cozy in my jammies. As I sat by the fire, I admired the Jim Shore snowmen placed so sweetly atop the piano. I re-loved each little element of winter decorating I had sprinkled around the house. Mercury glass icicles, paper snowflakes, scarves and mittens.

Not today. My mood has changed. It has been 5...I said FIVE (she shouts), days now, with new snow falling all day yesterday. The roads in our small town are ROUGH to say the least. Most cars that aren't equipped with 4-wheel drive haven't budged from their driveways. The temperature hasn't been above freezing since Tuesday. A lot of businesses are shut down or working with less than their normal number of employees. This snow has become a hassle.

They're coming down, People. This girl's gathering them on the kitchen island, readying them for storage.

I will no longer celebrate snowmen in this house.

Not this winter, anyway.

It's time to get these guys outta here. (I think he's waving goodbye, don't you?)

I realize my plan isn't always THE plan, but if I pack the snowmen away, I'm planning (hoping) that spring might make it's appearance a little sooner.

Until next year, Snowmen. I love you, but I've had enough of you.

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