Monday, December 20, 2010

Time Away from School

With the time I have away from school, I plan to do the following (listed in no particular order):

*love on my kids, Gabby, the grandgirls and granddog.
*oh...and Vaughn too.

'Nolia, 6 months
Cora, almost 3
Amelia, about a year

(Aren't they just as about as cute as can be?)

*watch at least one Christmas movie.
*keep the birth of Jesus in the forefront of my mind. The reason.
*make snowflakes out of paper and hang them everywhere.
*sleep till 7 at least a couple of days.
*visit a friend.
*buy some after-Christmas bargains and pack them away for next year (including Christmas cards).
*organize my attic closet for my seasonal decorations.
*go for a brisk walk, all bundled up.
*drop by, unannounced.
*craft a few new things at the shop.
*TRY, TRY, TRY to keep it simple.

Enjoy the season, Friends.

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