Tuesday, December 21, 2010

A Dollar Ninety-Nine

That was her price. A dollar ninety-nine. I guess she was cast away to the Salvation Army because she's lost from her friends. Don't you think she probably (originally) came with one or two other singers? (I can't believe she wasn't needed in their caroling band anymore. She's holding the lantern, for goodness sake!) The fact that she was alone didn't stop me. In fact, that made me want her more. She needs to live among the other cast aways at my house. And she will. Forevermore.

As will this tiny silver tree. I don't think he's old like my caroler is. But for forty-nine cents. Can't beat an accent like that. The snowman on the sled thanked me big time for parking him near a tree.


  1. I love that vintage caroler!!

    Don't you feel bad for her? I mean clearly she was at a Christmas party having a good time....

    But now she's at your house...a Christmas magazine each year. :)

  2. You're hilarious, Parker. I do feel bad for her though. I've been there (lost), haven't you? Ha.


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