Thursday, December 23, 2010

The Sweetness of Christmas

This time of year I feel even more nostalgic than usual.

I swoon over quirky handmade ornaments like this one I crafted from pipe cleaners our first Christmas together. This acorn-headed guy was one of about three ornaments we owned that year.

And Grandmother's red boots. They were actually her Aunt Hattie's, then hers, if we want to get technical. Just simple, old red boots...well, I like their style. And their story. Grandmother was sick in her bed with cancer at age 90 when she gestured me over to her closet and told me to take those boots home with me. She said she knew I'd use them to decorate with at Christmas. And I have.

I love Vaughn's old stocking from when he was young. And the vintage Christmas mail bag I picked up at a junk sale. Instant nostalgia. Even when it's new to me.

Treasured books. Favorite memories and stories.

Vintage ornaments. Some with a story that I know. Some not.

Christmas dinner is all about aprons. These were gifts from friends and family. Some are hard-working aprons and some are foo-foo aprons. But I love 'em.

Plastic, gawdy Christmas. Catches my eye and heart every time. (Hi Magnolia.)

Ahhh. The sweetness of a Christmas house.

Have a blessed holiday season, Friends.


  1. Thanks for the tour :) Can't wait to be there! Time for crafts :)

  2. You just come on home, Baby. We'll have some crafting fun (and eating fun and hopefully some sitting-around-doing-nothing fun).


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