Thursday, December 23, 2010

Musical Chairs

We're playing Musical Chairs at our house. Well, it's actually just a move-around of chairs, not people.

(But I might have some Christmas music playing.)

This green and red and pink and yellow paisley fabric. Ahhh. I just love it.

 So Vaughn refinished and Louis reupholstered these two antique chairs with the paisley and another favorite: red ticking.

And we parked them in our living room. Just like they were always there. 

 So this red gingham chair was out of the game. But we found a place in the corner.

And the floppy one that used to be in that corner went upstairs.

And the red and white striped one that used to be upstairs now belongs downstairs in a bedroom.


It's different. But I must say, I like every room better now. 

Come and sit a spell.

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