Friday, October 22, 2010

Let the Sun Shine In

After Cora's visit our blinds and sheers behind the couch were wocky-jawed. (You know that word, right?) She loves to walk in the tiny space between the couch and the windows and sort of hide from everyone. The sheers got all out of sorts. She likes to stand on the couch and pull all the cords. Some were closed. Some were half-raised. Some were down.

Needless to say, the windows behind the couch were a sight. I left them that way for a whole day after she went home. Then I moved the couch out, wiped out the windowsills (Thanks, Cora...I might not have done this without you motivating me.)...ugh, dead flies in the sills. Then straightened and opened all the blinds and pushed the sheers back.

Wow. How fresh this feels. We've had the blinds mostly closed for months, trying to keep the cool in. Now it's so nice to see the autumn back yard when you enter the house.

There's new light in the house. And that makes everything look brighter, happier.

Sidenote: Vaughn made this peg rack from old chippy siding and some toy wooden bowling pins we got at Canton one time. Looks like I'm all set for Halloween, huh? (If I'll stay out of that's way over by the front door but I still manage to go over there and get a snack once and awhile.)

Sidenote #2: Got this cute pillow slip made from vintage fabrics in a ebay auction. Just love it on the checked chair. Looks like home to me.

What I think is so cute (one of the many things) about Cora is she enjoys the house so much. She moves and plays with the pumpkins and the junk jars and the pillows and things on the bookcases. I like that she thinks all of it is there, just for her. And I love that.

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