Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Fall Break

My fall break begins today.

But Jake's fall break just ended. Poor guy. Nonetheless, I was a happy "Ma" to get to host his sweet little family for a little getaway from home, fall break style. They got here Friday night and stayed until Tuesday, just relaxing and visiting and breathing a little. We enjoyed eating and laughing and of course watching the girls grow and play and smile.

Saturday afternoon we went to Mom and Dad's farm for some more fall fun. We wanted Cora and Magnolia to experience a weinee roast, although they are vegetarians, along with their parents. 

Mom and Dad always do things up just right. Such a cute place.

Cora fell asleep on the way out there, just after consuming a chocolate shake. If you look closely, you can still see a little shake on that sweet face.

So first things first. Nap time for Cora.

Gabby played in the pond while we waited.

A little random, I agree...but this is the "Jane Magnolia" tree Mom and Dad planted when our Magnolia Jane was born.

The campfire is all ready.

The fact that our kids are vegetarians didn't matter. Nah. Jake and Brie found vegetarian hot dogs at Wal-Mart. And we had marshmallows, which is a must for a campfire, if you ask me. (It turns out the vegetarian dogs actually don't roast that well...they got a sort of black wart look to them as they cooked. Not that appealing if you ask me. And the kids said the texture wasn't just right, so not recommended.) But's not the eating that's the's the being there, right?

So anyway, Cora woke up and the roasting began. She especially liked the "chock-it" bars we used for the s'mores.  She snarled her nose at my ooey-gooey marshmallow because it was too "uh-oh" (messy). But the chocolate. It was a hit.

Magnolia came too! And Rusty dropped by before heading to work.

This donkey was rescued from the dump. And Dad made the cute cart for Mom.

Besides all the vegetarian hot dog fun and laughter, there was a beautiful sunset to enjoy.

See little Magnolia in Papa's arms? She's lovin' her first weinee roast.

Here's my fall wish for you. Everybody. Find a campfire somewhere to sit around and enjoy with friends and family (minus the vegetarian hotdogs).

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  1. You've got the sweetest little family :) Every single one of you guys look just thrilled to be together!


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