Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The Antiques Sign with a Story

 I wanted this antiques sign for years. Years. And Mrs. Prairie View (Leola Thetford) would NOT sell it to me. It was an advertisement for her junk store, she said. But because she would NOT sell it to me, I wanted it even more. Every time I shopped there I would ask her. And every time she'd say no. It wasn't for sale. One time I even told her I was praying for God to soften her heart so she'd sell it to me. She laughed but still said no. Anyway, I don't know what happened. She probably just got tired of me. But one day she agreed to trade it for some things I had that she wanted. I took it home and proudly displayed it in our home.

Years later we were moving into a new house. I put it in a garage sale. I know! That was strange of me. My friend Dub Ingram bought it and I forgot about the antiques sign.

Not too long ago Dub sold his antique business. And he gave me the sign.

Back. Full circle. All wrapped up with memories of Mrs. Thetford and our battle. And Dub and his generosity. I love it even more.


  1. Aw that's a sweet story. You were meant to have it!!

  2. Yes I agree! You and the sign were meant to be together!

  3. It just feels RIGHT. I'm so thankful for Dub who kept it for me during my period of insanity.

  4. What did she want of yours in the trade?

  5. I really can't remember, Brie. Maybe some dishes we had of Oleta's? Seems like that was it.


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