Monday, June 21, 2010

Chicago Love

We waited and waited and waited for Vaughn and Parker to get to Chicago. To meet Magnolia. And to kiss her sister, Cora.

And me.

And of course to see Jake and BrieAnn, the proud parents.

Vaughn and Parker arrived at the apartment Friday evening in the middle of a horrible downpour. Their trip had been pretty miserable, with rain and hours of traffic jams.

But it was worth it all.

It was love. At first sight.

For everyone involved.

Including me. (It had been a long time since I'd seen my hubby.) Or Parker.

The next day I caught these two looking pretty cute.

All my guys like to skip rocks. And they're good at it. Seems Vaughn and Parker have the same technique.

And so after their ridiculous-number-of-hours trip on Friday and one day with the family in Chicago on Saturday, we three came home to Oklahoma in a regular-number-of-hours drive.

And left those four in their apartment in Chicago for about 6 weeks. And this is the good part...until they move to Oklahoma City August 1st.

It's good to be home.


  1. Magnolia!!! Oh, I adore that name. I'm also quite fond of Cora, although I think it could get confusing with a Cory in the house, too. :)

    Those girls are precious!!

  2. I love her name too, Shannon. And it just suits her. Cora calls her "Nolia" most of the time (Magnolia is pretty hard for a 2 year old to say), so I'm noticing myself calling her that as well. Her middle name is Jane so Offey is calling her M. J., which is pretty cute too.


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