Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Aunt Becky and Cousin Katy

Yesterday my sister and her daughter came all the way from Oklahoma to visit Chicago Cora and Magnolia.

They love these girls...a LOT.

I wasn't quite two when Becky was born.  Mom says I wouldn't look at her for quite awhile. (A little world changed when she came along, I bet.)

Cora's doing a lot better than that with her new little sister. She helps with diapers and when left to attend to the baby for a minute, I watched her quietly tell Magnolia, "It's's's okay" until Mama came back.

I'd like to think I was that kind of sister from time to time when I was young. Maybe once in awhile. Alright, hopefully at least once I calmed my little sister or helped my mama.

But if not, "Sorry, Becky. Sorry, Mom." I'll do better from now on.


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