Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Little Chairs

I DO love little people.

Here's one of 'em I particularly love. Miss Cora "Noodle", as Gram calls her.

I also love little furniture for little people.

Especially chairs.

After all, a kid's gotta have a place to sit.

I recently bought this one at a garage sale down the street. It was painted white and had some ugly magic marker art on it. It was $10 and although that's pretty pricey in my way of thinkin' at a garage sale, I bought it, thinking of all the little bitties who will sit in it at my house. I liked the style of this chair...a little unusual. A tad more grown-up than some children-sized chairs. I imagined it yellow or blue. I was thinkin' paint.

When Vaughn saw it he was thinkin' strip and stain. After all, the guys at the shop needed practice, he said. So that's what happened to the little white chair. And come to find out, under all that ugliness, there was beautiful maple wood to be discovered. 

It's just sittin' and waitin' for Cora's next visit. And Magnolia to grow. And any other little sweeties to come by and sit a spell.

A dear friend gave me this red chair. It lives upstairs, but in a former life it was a part of the Methodist Church in Holdenville. Now it is especially wonderful for a 2-year-old little miss who likes to pull it up to the coffee table and color there.

Oh my. I didn't think I'd go to school for the summer, but here I am. I'm not physically AT school, however. Just found this photo of my classroom that showcases the two little red chairs I use at my corrections table. Children who need individual time with me sit at the chippy white table across from my chair. (I'll have another post about little tables one day, more than likely.)

The red chairs in my classroom were purchased at my own church's rummage sale.

And although it's not winter today for sure, I used this cute child's card table for a display at school last winter. It belonged to Vaughn's aunt and uncle. He remembers sitting at it as a child, with his favorite cousin, so it holds some pretty special memories. When it's not on display like shown in this photo, it lives in my classroom.

I think decorating with kid-sized things add whimsy as well as function. And if there's a story behind the item, that's even better.

Okay, then, Friends, until next on the look-out in your attic, at garage sales, curb-side, Goodwill...for those cute little chairs for those cute little people in your life.


  1. Cora looks like Brie Ann in this picture, I think...Maybe it's her eyes... So cute!! I know that she is crazy about you! I'm sure that she is learning lots of cute songs from you too!! We need to get together soon:)

  2. Don't you just love her fly-away hair in this photo?

    I'm glad you mentioned songs. I was working with her on spelling her name while in Chicago this time. We came up with a song sort of like B-I-N-G-O and she liked it. Can't wait to see her more often!


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