Friday, March 5, 2010

Turquoise Love

Turquoise is one of my newest faves.


I like it. A lot.
I added it as my 4th color to collect.
It looks good with all the Fiesta dishes,
not just my other favorite 3.

We painted and distressed the kitchen
island with turquoise.
The old wood came from the Canton flea market.
It's always been my motto:
Wear it like you mean it.
That's what the island says.

 And look at Parker's room.
Turquoise overload?

Not that he lives here.
But he stays in this happy room when he visits.

It's like the sky is all around you in his room.

Let's go down the hall.


Turquoise. Ahhhh.
This is Jake and Brie's room when they're here.

The Dionne quintuplets print is one of my favorite things ever.
It was a gift from my dad.
All 5 girls are doing something different,
just like my students.
(At least one is looking at the teacher.)

Turquoise has rared her pretty little head in the hall bathroom too.
My friend, Sue, gave me most of these lovelies.

And the desk is our newest turquoise addition.
Can't get enough of the color.

I'm off to do some junkin' today.
Maybe I'll shop for...something turquoise?



  1. Everything is so pretty! I love turquoise, too. As a matter of fact, I wanted to make my office/craft room look more 'put together,' so last year I spray-painted my various storage boxes and baskets either turquoise, red or pink. I have some black and white thrown in there, too. The only thing I haven't done is paint my walls. This used to be my daughter's bedroom and the walls are emerald green. Moving all my 'stuff' is just too big a project, but I might do it someday--I'm debating what color. I love that turquoise on your walls!

  2. So glad you stopped by to love turquoise with me. I love it with pink and red and black and white too. I love it with everything.


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