Sunday, February 21, 2010

Drowsy Beans

I got my Drowsy Beans doll the same year Rusty
got the gun.
That's her. Laying in the crib.

That's me. With the doctor kit.
Becky is on the right.
No one really remembers when it happened.
Mom has put the incident out of her mind, I'm sure.

But Drowsy Beans was shot.
With a b-b gun.
On a day Rusty and a friend were shooting guns.
Get the picture?

I've given Rusty a hard time for years,
crying about my poor, innocent Drowsy Beans.
(I rarely mention the time I got his new
ten-speed bicycle stolen.)

I still love Drowsy.

My friend Judy Clark gave me a set
of vintage Drowsy Beans paper dolls years ago.
A full set...never used.
(I guess I was crying to her about Drowsy.)

I finally framed a few of them for the
laundry room wall.

I get to have Drowsy Beans dreams while folding towels.

Drowsy lives on.

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  1. Oh, Tracey, you just brought back some rough convinced me to play "Barber Shop" with him. I was excited that he "wanted" to play with me, I eagerly agreed...the sacrifice, my forever bald baby dolls.It was brutal.I don't even want to say what my brothers did to my Raggedy Ann doll..well, let's just say, I have never forgiven them.....awww older brothers...they can still get me fired up at


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