Sunday, March 28, 2010

Early Easter Egg Hunt

Cora was here for a visit.
It was lovely.

We put together a little Easter Egg Hunt
 on a plain old Wednesday evening.

Cora's Mammy and Meemaw and Peepaw came.
And of course Gram and Offey.
And Mama and Papa.
And Gabby.

She got some Easter prizes. 
A big hit was a light-up egg necklace that vibrated and spun.
In her mouth.

It was a Easter Egg Hunt for one.
All the eggs were for her.

But she wasn't all that interested in the eggs filled with coins and prizes.

There were rocks and pieces of grass to gather.

And things to investigate in the springtime yard. 
Things she'd only seen from the back door for awhile now.

While she was having fun, we grown ups gathered all her eggs.
No kidding.

Fourteen dollars and some odd change.
Her mama says she might put her Easter money toward some shoes.
Great idea.

It was a perfect evening with some of my most favorite folks.

Happy Easter Everybody!


  1. I love these pictures.

    I can just hear the excitement of "Cora! Cora! Cora!" being chanted by all of you guys! :)

  2. It was so funny. We kept moving eggs where Cora would go. Nothing worked. I wish you were there too. Your pictures would have really been good.


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