Saturday, March 27, 2010

Junkmarket Junk Swap

We are participating in a junk swap. 
This is how it works. Sue Whitney has matched us with a partner in junk.

Remember Sue?

This is how it works.
We send our partner a box of junk.

The contents of the box we sent:
Hughes County, OK license plate
Folding yard stick
Wooden plaque
Various handles, knobs
Student chalkboard
Vintage M handwriting card
50's Life Magazine
Vintage pillowcase
A favorite scrap of red/white fabric
S & H Green Stamps
Cabinet door from Hoosier cabinet with stain glass

And our partner sent us a box of junk. 

And we do with it what we may. 
It's like a challenge. To see what kind of creativity we can work up.

Our partner is Melody, from Maryland. 

Her package arrived here last week. 
These are the contents.

 The contents of the box we received:
Two large wooden frames
Odds and ends of wood
4 wooden dominoes (LOVE these)
Wooden tokens
Little curio cabinet

Now we must get to work...
Creating something out of something else.

Stay tuned to see what we make from Melody's junk. The wheels are spinning.

Until then, happy trails and happy junkin'.


  1. That looks like so much fun!! My mom wanted me to ask you if you knew where some kind of store is in Holdenville that has sinks and things maybe around the airport? Is it called something with Missionary? She heard about it but wasn't sure where it was..

  2. We love that place! It is called OK to Share and is located in the old Holdenville Nursing Home. Turn south at the Sale Barn. As soon as you pass the DHS parking lot, turn E (or left). Follow that road about 1 1/4 miles. Before you get to the RR track, turn right. It's about 3 blocks down. It's not open on Mondays. (You'll pass the Armory and the old Seamprufe buildings...those aren't it.)

  3. Ok, we'll have to go look! Thanks.


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