Thursday, January 21, 2010

Touches of Red

Red is always the answer.

Red is just cool.

When I wear red, I think it brings out the best in me.
Don't you agree? (smile)

I bet rooms feel that same way.

Every room is begging for a touch of red.


  1. We went to the antique co-op last monday, it was huge! Have you ever went to the Habitat for Humanity place Sue was talking about?

  2. Oh yes! We've bought materials for houses there. We like it a lot. It's over near OCU so we used to go when we visited Jake and Brie, back when they lived in OKC. (sniff)

  3. I think we're going to go look next Saturday! :)

  4. I so agree about the color RED! Love the red Hawaiian throw on your chair. I have always wanted to decorate a coastal cottage and now I know why. We fell in love with the island of Kaui'i...the people, the colors, the lifestyle. I could so decorate with all of those vibrant colors and florals. I never wanted to take the flowers from my hair at night. You feel so feminine there. Rob and I have forever been changed:)........Raynita


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