Monday, January 25, 2010

Old School

I teach first grade.
These two cards say it all. I promise.
What stories these books could tell.
Wonder who toted them back and forth to school?

I love the giant slate chalkboard
in the entry.
(Got it for $5 at Prairie View.)
Vaughn framed it and added the chalkrail.
Friends who come by leave me messages
that I enjoy for a long while after their visit.
The chalkboard was perfect for well-wishers to leave Jake & Brie
messages before they moved on Labor Day.
Cora has sure grown since then.
(Oh yeah. She was busy making ones.)
The other half of this globe is a bowl.
Proud to be Oklahomans.

Another old photo of Cora.
She loves to open every drawer of the old library card catalog.
We keep card games, dominoes and
small treasures in it.
She is crazy for the harmonica in the H drawer.
This is where the new bus collection will live.
(I just bought another beat up metal bus on ebay
last night and can't wait to put him
with the other 2.)
Now THAT will be a collection.
 I love, love, love bouquets of pencils.
Especially stubby ones with stories.
Phonics and alphabet cards make me weak.
This J is hanging out upstairs for awhile.

Tell me about a favorite school memory.


  1. I remember in sixth grade, my teacher used to read to us. The great part was he would act out all the scenes and change voices for every single character. He also had us invent new characters that would make the story more interesting and then we would write a new chapter to the story that included the new character. Not only did he make reading fun but it made us all feel like Best Selling Authors!! He was Amazing! Thanks for bringing that back to mind, it's a great memory.

  2. Oh Vicki...Teachers can impact us in wonderful ways, huh? So glad you posted a comment.


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