Sunday, January 17, 2010

Junk Beautiful

I, my friends, was lucky enough to take a photo with Sue Whitney, master of junk, co-author of the Junk Beautiful books, at the Home & Garden Show yesterday.

Yay Junk!
Sue was on stage for about an hour, showing us slides of her home and how she saved all kinds of money building her home, then decorated it with junk finds.
And I was on the front row.
Yes, I have to admit, I am a FAN.
(No one else at the show felt it was necessary to save a seat an hour before show time.
Can't imagine.)

I loved, loved, loved all she said.
We left the home show and went straight to a favorite haunt,
The Antique Co-Op on North May.
Delicious treasure hunting!
I got a cute old school bus, a red tray and a felt T (for Tracey, of course).

Happy Junking!


  1. I love this picture! I am glad that you got to meet her. Tara bought her book, so I got to look at it. There are a lot of neat ideas. I loved the idea of having old swimming pool locker baskets in the laundry room.

  2. I have all three books. Borrow them any time!

  3. You lucky duck!! I am a huge fan! Do you remember their mag that came out a few years back? I think there was only one issue...or I only ever found one issue. I usually tear out all of my favorite photos, but I just had to save the whole dadgum mag, because it was all so divine!

    Your felt "T" sounds like a great find, too!

  4. Hi Dear..visiting ur sweet blog...add me in ur blogroll ok...i have a super cute blog too,alywas with great poems and posts talkin about the life,love and God.Big Hug!!
    p.s:im goin 2 oklahoma soon(valliant)

  5. The felt T will be a part of a V and T collection. So far I have one V and one T so I am embarrassed to hang them. But I will once I get, say, 6-7 different sizes and styles. My hubby is Vaughn, which might be lucky because who else would want an old V? Not that many names start with V, huh?

    Was the magazine called Junk Beautiful also?

  6. So happy for you!! I wanted to go but I was busy on a little


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