Saturday, January 30, 2010

"Stuck" at Home

Ice. Now snow. Lots of it.
Ah, shucks. I'm stuck at home.

Surely you sense my sarcasm.
I'm never home enough. Love this being stuck thing.

I love birds. Especially the Mr. and Mrs. Cardinal 
that live nearby.

The high today will be around 30 degrees. That's cold for us.

Gabby has to really think about it before she gets off the porch to...
you know.


But eventually she does.
Unless she doesn't, like once yesterday.
She walked to the edge of the porch...
came back toward the door...
and peed right by the doormat.
She and I had a tussle then.
Two gallons of warm sudsy water later, 
we got back on speaking terms.
Well, after I called Vaughn and
tattletaled on her.
Then I felt better.

Of course Vaughn took up for her.
"It's not her fault."
That kind of talk.

Judging by the length of Gabby's legs these days,
we figure we might have 6 inches on the ground.

A snow like this pretty much immobilizes this small town.
I like that sometimes.
(Being immobile.)

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  1. I agree it was absolutely wonderful...A blessing to be stranded at home. Even when we didn't have power. Oh the power of bonding and reconnecting...I love my home and my family...Heather


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