Thursday, February 4, 2010

Thrift Store Surprise

BrieAnn's maternity clothes were lost. Gone. Vanished.  
Because Jake and Brie lived with us this summer and we had all their 
belongings in our storage at Vaughn's shop, we've been looking high and low 
for a tub of clothes we might have missed when they moved to Chicago. 
So while in Seminole Tuesday we did a walk-through in the Salvation Army Thrift Store.  
I was hopeful we'd happen upon some really stylish clothes for Brie. 

I've never found anything I needed in this particular store. But Tuesday was a lucky day.

Yellow flowers. Adorable. 99 cents.

I saw these happy red flowers from across the store. 
They made me buy them! 99 cents.

I wonder if both of these treasures lived in the same house at one time? 
Someone has the same style as ME!

No maternity clothes
(that a cute girl in 2010 would wear anyway).
But good news! 
The tub of maternity clothes was found in their apartment in Chicago.


  1. I love the yellow roses! They look so cheerful!
    Wow! What a bargain!

  2. Love your thrift store finds:)We must have been feeling the same yesterday.I ran to Tulsa with Rob and just had to stop in a Salvation Army thrift store close by.Like you, I never find anything at this one but felt the need to "dig". Well, came home with a like new table cloth and vase I found clear across the store that absolutely matched perfectly.Was thinking same as you...Did these live together before? Too Cute Stuff for $7....Perfect!

  3. Thrifting is such fun. We stopped by two different junk stores today and walked out with nothing. But the thrill of the hunt! That's what I love.


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