Friday, January 29, 2010


Branches are bending and falling.

Our little town is covered with ice and it's still raining. 

Plans for this NO SCHOOL Friday:
*Make cookies for the freezer...they can come out next week when Cora is here.
*Work on taxes. (I should.)
*Rearrange a few bookshelves, just for fun.
*Vacuum Gabby hair.
*Watch "Marley & Me" again (alone this time)...Vaughn says it's too sad to watch twice.
*Shower? (Not sure if this is required today.)


  1. I've never seen Marley and Me btu I've heard great things! Oh and today is definitely not a shower day but a bubble bath with a good book will complete today quite nicely!!

  2. Hey, good idea about the bubble bath. You definitely need to see Marley.


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