Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Gabby's Growing

Gabby is growing like a weed.

This is Gabby saying a high-pitched "ARF".
That's her favorite.

She has gained 6 lbs. in 3 weeks.
She now weighs in at 13 lbs., 3 oz. at 10 weeks old.

Way to GROW, Gab!

Potty training is going pretty well.
Just a couple of accidents while at the shop with Vaughn.
(She gets busy playing and forgets.)
Vaughn is so crazy about her...he always says, "It wasn't her fault."

Problem: biting. Ouch.
Vaughn has lots of bloody scabs on his hands.
And a fresh one on his nose.
Ouchy ouch ouch.

It's a phase.
We're sure of it.


  1. I hope her phase is over by Monday. Biting puppy makes for a nervous mama, especially if blood is involved.

    I just can't believe how big she is. She looks so lean all of the sudden.

  2. Oh we plan on keeping our nipping puppy's mouth away from Cora for sure. She's a shop dog, so when you are here she'll be at the shop all day with Vaughn.


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