Saturday, February 9, 2013

A New View

There are new curtains at my house, the first time since we've moved in, nearly 5 years ago now. Up until THIS house, I've been a switch-around-all-the-time kind of decorator, including curtains.

I love a cottage look, so when we built the house, all the windows were adorned with white sheers. I still love them because they are so easy on the eyes and very simple.

But these curtains...these curtains have been in a very important-to-me cottage for many, many years, hanging proudly in a vintage bathroom.

You see, these brown and white, crispy cotton darlings came from Sue's Estes Park cottage, a place so special to our family and so many others Sue has shared her Colorado home with. When Vaughn remodeled her (I'm guessing 1920's) bathroom a couple of years ago, the vintage curtains were packaged up for the thrift store and, you know me, I couldn't let that happen. (All Sue has to do is mention something's going to the thrift store and if I can find a nook or cranny in our vehicle to haul it back, it's as good as mine.) You know me and stories...if a piece of my house has a snippet of a memory attached to it, I'm happy as can be. All those stories surround us with love that way.

So what do you think of these sweet cafe curtains now proudly hanging in my Oklahoma bathroom? I like the way they're a little more private, even with the blinds open. I love light in a bathroom.

Vintage. Cottage. Simple. Sentimental.


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  1. They look wonderful! But, Tracey, everything you do looks wonderful. Miss you my friend.



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