Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Family Stone Takes Us Into Christmas Break

It's Wednesday and today was my final day of school this year. The basketball concession I worked last night till 9:00 p.m., plus the day today, which involved taking a windy, noisy bus ride to McAlester to the movies with all of our elementary school, plus cookie decorating and WAY too much sugar intake for all involved, caused me to hurry home by 3:30, unload my goodies given by the cutest students yet, then head STRAIGHT to the bathtub to begin my vacation.

I lazed around for about an hour before Parker and Vaughn got home.  Oh, I think I folded a towel or two. But nothing significant.

After scraping together a meal of sandwiches and chips and some more of my gifted goodies, we gathered upstairs for The Family Stone, one of the Johnson's favorite Christmas movies.

Game on. Christmas is coming.

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