Friday, November 9, 2012

Mock Election at Moss School

This photo was taken Tuesday morning in the hallway of Moss School. The kids were lined up to participate in a mock presidential election.

The results came in late in the afternoon. Mitt Romney won by a pretty big margin at Moss.

We've talked a lot about the election in my third grade classroom, discussing all sorts of things about each candidate, like their favorite foods, their ages, where they were born, etc. I've tried to express to the children we should respect all people (including both candidates for president).

Our word of the week is COOPERATION. It seems to me America needs to learn a little about this word and what it means to work together toward a common goal. Democrats, Republicans, all of us, work together for the good of our country. So many things divide us.

Our classroom quote of the week is one of my favorites.

"If we all don't row, the boat won't go." (Author Unknown)

I'm determined, People...respect is in order for President Barrack Obama. No matter what your opinion is about who did or did not win the election, he is the president and I think it's essential we teach our children to respect positions of authority. 

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