Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Today Takes the Cake

Mrs. Dowell's Five-Flavor Cake

I have written in a diary or journal most of my life. When I started my blog a few years ago, it sort of took the place of a written journal, and for that reason, I just loved it. I loved writing the happenings of my life, even if no one read them. I was inspired by some of the bloggers I was hooked on at the time, and wanted to be as creative in my writing as I found them.

Here I am, years later, barely blogging for some reason. I guess I'm letting life get in the way of my love of writing. Then on September 5, 2012, I get the anonymous comment on my June, 2011 post that makes my day. The idea that I can write a post about Vaughn's grandmother's cake over a year ago, then receive a sweet message today from the great-granddaughter of the original recipe holder...totally wows me. How did Mrs. Dowell's great-granddaughter find my post? I'll be forever imagining how we were connected, but I'm sure glad we were. My words met up with her words out in the wild blue yonder. And sparks flew. Perhaps we're keepers of the cake. Grandmothers from years gone by were remembered in the same story. Sheer happiness.

So I'll get back to my love of writing in my journals through this blog that I now know means more than just what it means to me.

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