Sunday, August 12, 2012

My Third Grade Classroom

All set? You BET! (At least I hope the kids say this tomorrow when school starts.)

Third Grade Classroom at Open House.

JUNK is still the theme for my class. The kids really get into creating things from other things.

The famous closet Mr. Johnson built for me.

I'm tickled to be teaching Saxon Math again this year. It's perfect for 3rd graders.

New Social Studies standards this year, so I'll be teaching all about Oklahoma to my third graders, starting tomorrow!

Bulletin board out in the hallway created from packaging.

Our theme for the building is Art Gallery. We framed laminated, lovely prints of paintings, drawings and sculptures with all kinds of duct tape. We plan to use the art for writing prompts or teaching moments.

Because we are using the Art Gallery theme, we thought the Italian Artists should show up. Heroes on the Half Shell! These guys are guarding the 5th and 6th grade classrooms.

More art framed in duct tape.

Raphael and Leonardo are hanging around above the 3rd and 4th grade doorways.

Coffee filters were stained and reused for a bunting/greeting outside my classroom. The frame will be filled with a collage of the students photographs.


  1. Can I be in Third Grade again????

  2. Oh thanks, Tracy. I'd love to go back to school again myself. Things are just so different these days than they were when I was in elementary school.


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