Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Spring Break Gladness

Although it's raining and will probably continue to rain most of the week, it's going to be a great Spring Break. Here are some things I accomplished in the first two days:

1. Bank statements. I admit it, they pile up on me. I did two at Vaughn's shop and one at our house. Consider this scratched from my list (at least until the first of April).

2. Cleaned the office at the shop. Maybe it's not really CLEAN but it's much better than when I walked in on Friday. We're getting ready to start a big remodel over there, so I "made do".

3. Made dinner. More than once. Oh my goodness.

4. Washed sheets. And rugs. And washed and dried and folded and put away, all in one setting. This. never. happens.

5. Taxes. I won't say anything else about this subject at this time.

6. Watched Ellen. I love to watch her. While watching Ellen I went through every item in my closet and decided yes or no. Most were no's. Some are too big (woo-hoo) and some I'm just tired of. When Vaughn got home I guilted him into doing the same and we got his side spruced up too.

7. No make up. I love those kinds of days.

8. Cleaned Gabby's "bedroom", the storage room off the garage. She appreciates this, I'm sure. Woof!

9. Oh! And Vaughn and I went junkin' in Stillwater Saturday. Just got two vintage hankies but so enjoyed the time together on the hunt. More to come when the weather clears...we're sure garage sales are just around the corner!

Ahead of me during this Spring Break...grandgirls! They're coming Wednesday! Oh happy days!

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