Monday, February 20, 2012

February Daffodils

I walk nearly every weekday with a friend. We talk about what happened at work, we talk about our kids and husbands and what's for dinner. We usually walk 3 figure-8's at the park and one or two laps around the little park across from my house.

We walk the same route so it's becoming pretty familiar, although we've recently found interesting items like car keys, a dollar, a new Bible and 35 cents. Wait a minute, I should probably come clean about something. I am always looking ahead of me, but Nancy, she's the one who finds most of this. In fact, the only thing I've found is 35 cents in one spot. She's the real finder.

Anyway, last week we noticed something sweet. I actually think I noticed them first this time. Two little bunches of sunny yellow daffodils.

A sign of spring in February.

Daffodils are one of my favorite flowers because of their heartiness and how they make me feel hopeful. They're simple, but so beautiful too.

That's it. I'm taking down the winter from my more snowmen, no more sleds, no more Valentine's Day even. Enter...springtime. My heart and attitude and energy level all need a change and maybe a little springtime INSIDE the house will work a miracle in me.

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