Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Iowa is WOW

We just returned from a fast but super fun weekend in Lamoni, IA with Parker. The weather was perfect, I tell ya...perfect.

Wow, was it awesome. See our WOW with our fingers and mouths? Look closely and you'll see our rings that we bought that were made from nails.

Well, here. Let's just show a close-up.

Turns out Lamoni was hosting Civil War Days while we were there.

And even Abe Lincoln attended.

There was a full-fledged reenactment going on, People. This is where the union army had set up camp.

The confederates were camped out over by the lake.

They were determined to fight it out at 1:00 that afternoon but we didn't stay. We know how it comes out, after all.

My sister, Becky, her husband, Kerry and her son, Kory, all came by Saturday and Sunday to be with us. That was an added bonus, seeing people who live 20 minutes away, in Seminole, all the way up in IA.

Had a great time seeing Parker, hanging out at his comfy apartment, EATING (mostly). Why is it that always happens? We had brisket and fried potatoes/sweet potatoes and homemade apple pie Saturday night.  Sunday we ate at the Dinky Diner in Leon, IA for lunch. Yum. That evening we had Ten Can Soup, a family favorite.

It was a long trip (8 hours) in just a couple of days, but it was well worth it, getting to see Parker and relax with our family.


  1. First of all - the Abe Lincoln photo takes the cake for me.
    Second - I love your caption, "And even Abe Lincoln attended." I am still laughing...
    Third - I already miss you guys...come back!

  2. Are you making fun of me, Baby? Do I look that funny standing next to Abe?


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