Tuesday, August 30, 2011


Our house has a bonus room above the garage. Cora called it "up-a-stairs" when she was a tiny tot, so the name has stuck. 

Initially we thought it would be for guests mostly. Two twin beds, chenille bedspreads, with a little area for a den in case we ever wanted to hang out up there. Toys and books are up there too, which is why Cora always wanted (wants) to go up-a-stairs when she visits.

Well, do we ever hang out up there. Like in EVERY SINGLE NIGHT. One of us will say something like, "I'm headed upstairs." (That means we've had it, we're done with this day.) Most of the time we watch television and work on our computers. Gab hangs out with us up-a-stairs too. This time of the year she loves it right by the central air vent. By the end of the evening Gab is under one of the twin beds, Vaughn's usually stretched out on the floor, and I'm on the couch covered with the blankie. Zonked.

Gab has the lampshade all cock-eyed, it seems. This happens.

Just this week we had our old couch reupholstered in a neutral fabric and cut down to more like a love seat. (This will help us get it downstairs again if that ever has to happen again. Tight squeeze.) I had fun adding Grandmother's denim throw to the back and then some black gingham arm covers jazzed it up even more. A patchwork pillow topped it all off.

I love Grandmother's red galoshes. They live up-a-stairs these days.
Cozy. Comfortable. Home.

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  1. If I close my eyes and think real hard I can make it seem like fall here in Oklahoma, especially when the air conditioner is cranked. Oh, and plug in a new Scentsy fragrance and that helps even more...especially if it's some kind of yummy, spicy scent like I have brewing right now. logo design


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