Saturday, June 18, 2011

Saturday Chores

Cleaning toilets and sinks and tubs...surely those are not anyone's favorite chores. If I had my druthers, I would definitely choose vacuuming or making beds or doing dishes over power-scrubbing bathrooms. But today I felt all chipper about the toilets as soon as I had my breakfast. (Maybe my slice of cake for breakfast instead of cereal or toast had something to do with it...sugar rush?)

Within no time I had all three toilets sparkling. Sinks shining. Tubs and showers too.

On to the vacuuming! Wah-lah! Done in a flash. I'm especially finding dead rolly-polly bugs today. I don't like bugs, but dead bugs are better than live ones in my house, that's for sure.

Laundry. Coming up's actually almost always an ongoing thing.

Bed-making. Just one. Easy-smeezy. (Although Amelia likes to burrow under the covers AFTER it's made, I've discovered. Ah, well, it's in her nature, I suppose.)

Before, during and after the chores, here's my plan. Enjoy this day. Even though grime and messes exist, I will do my best to enjoy the process of restoring things to order.

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