Saturday, January 8, 2011

A Drawer a Day

Beginning today, I will clean out, organize, discard.

A drawer a day.

The potholder drawer should be fairly easy. I might should will wash them.

A drawer a day. It might not be as easy as it sounds. There are things to put back where they go (how did they end up here anyway?), things to toss, dust to wipe away. Hair collected in a corner. Fuzz. Food crumbs. Ew...I should be ashamed. But maybe you've encountered such things in your drawers as well?

Never know what you'll come across in the drawer of your day. This is a kitchen drawer of which Cora has claimed its contents for quite a while now. She loves to drink water out of the salad dressing bottles. And blow birthday horns. And sort of stir all this around. And no kidding. I just opened this drawer to photograph it's BEFORE status and realized her slinky dog she got for Christmas is HERE. (I promise. I didn't hide it here in order to play with it myself, although that slinky dog is pretty darn cute.)

Drawers are a little too good for hiding things, don't you think?

The dreaded 2010 tax drawer. I'll be here very soon. Too soon.

So here goes one. And then another. 

Something tells me...when I've made the rounds, it will be time to start over again.


  1. I've been wondering where that dog was! I thought she'd hidden it somewhere here.

  2. I bet you were! He's in good hands. We'll try not to wear him out too much before we see you again next week.


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