Friday, July 23, 2010

One Suitcase

I love old suitcases. I've gathered them for quite some time, I think mostly because of what they stand for.

These two red ones were found at Canton, TX one year. They work well in the travel bedroom. I like to collect junky souvenirs and vintage travel memorabilia in there too. 

I think suitcases represent good times.  Going places, doing things, being able to be and go and do.

I especially love overnight cases.

I had quite a collection so Vaughn built this cubby in the laundry room/half bath just to house them and give them the honor they're due.

The vintage blue one on the top shelf has a special story. We were visiting Vaughn's Aunt Yvonne in Iowa quite a few years back and she was preparing for a garage sale. I said something about the cute little case and Vaughn's mom told us she had saved up money and bought it for her sister's graduation from high school. That cinched the deal. I now knew the story so it had to be mine.

The gray one on the bottom shelf belonged to my friend Sue when she was young. I bet it's been a lot of neat places. 

But today I'm packing one suitcase. That's my limit for this trip to Colorado. Each of us, Sue and Judy and I, can only take one suitcase.

So I got out my biggest and I am working extra hard to make sure everything fits but that I also have some room in there to bring back the purchases I will undoubtedly make while in Estes Park.

I hope to blog from there, but sometimes wi-fi is difficult to find.

I know this trip by heart. We've done it many times, but usually with Vaughn in tow. It will definitely include many visits to Rocky Mountain National Park, shopping in Loveland and downtown Estes Park, walks down the long, curvy road, lots of reliving of memories from years past with our families there, and some much-needed-good-friend-time. 

And John Denver's "Rocky Mountain High"...that's a given.


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