Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Brady Bunch Porch Furniture

When I spotted these two chairs in a vendor's booth at Canton, TX a few years ago, I could NOT walk away. Oh, sometimes I don't want to walk away and must, but this time it was impossible. My legs would not go. They just kept on staying. We talked with the vendors and they thought these two beauties had lived a former life in a church basement. There was basically no rust when we got them, so we definitely believe they had been stored inside somewhere, but Vaughn was raised by a beautician mama and he thinks they look a little like something you'd find in a beauty shop.

Whatever the case. They are so funky and Brady Bunch style. 70's all over the place.

You can barely tell, huh? That Gabby, our 7 month old lab, has removed the stuffing and cording and everything cute about them...several times. That the upholstery guy at Vaughn's Cabinets has removed that darling vintage upholstery material from the bottoms to put on the tops and basically worked miracles. (I love Louis.) That Vaughn had to replace chunks of the wooden arms with putty and everything he knows how to patch, rig and repair with. That we just brought them home from the shop after their fancy re-do and sprayed them with something awful tasting to puppies and yet she removed the stuffing and some of that cute vintage upholstery even this very morning?

It just took her a minute. I heard her tags jingling and jangling and out I flew to the back porch. Too late. Imagine stuffing and my favorite floral material all over my porch (and some in her mouth).

(I missed sweeping up a piece of stuffing apparently.)

I hear her yelping. Yes, she's in trouble. In the pen for the day. Time-out for Gabby.

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